White Belt
Objects of TaeKwondo: To develop an appreciation for TaeKwondo as a sport and as an art. To achieve physical fitness through positive participation. To Improve mental discipline and emotional equanimity. To learn self-defense skills. To develop a sense of responsibility for one self and others. White Belt Signifies innocence, as that of a beginning student
Yellow Belt
White & Yellow Belt students learn and prepare for free sparring by learning One-Steps. One-steps are done on a partner and teaches the student how to use kicks, blocks, and strikes on an opponent learning proper control and striking points. Yellow Belt Signifies Earth, from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the TaeKwondo foundations
Orange Belt
As an Orange Belt you have an added testing requirement in Free Sparring. Students learn different combinations that they can incorporate in free sparring when they begin as White Belts, through forms and one step sparring drills. Students are taught a form of self-control and light contact with other opponents. Orange Belt Signifies the Sun,
Green & Blue Belt
  You are no longer a beginner. As a Green or Blue Belt student you will be expected to perform at a much higher level. You will set the example for the White and Yellow belt students. This is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Green Belt signifies the plant’s growth as the TaeKwondo skill begins
Brown Belt
You are now an Advanced Color Belt student. You will be a role model to younger and less experienced students, whether you want to or not. You have an added testing requirement in Board Breaking. Brown Belt Symbolizes the Earth that made the growth of the plant possible. The student must develop humility and understand
Red Belt
At the rank of Red Belt, you are considered a Black Belt candidate. Your instructor will be tougher on you, expect more from you, and work even more closely with you. You may be asked to assist a lower rank, however you will not be teaching unless you are on the leadership team. Red Belt
Black Belt
CONGRATULATIONS!! After years of training, you have reached the goal of being a TaeKwondo International Black Belt. You should feel that you have arrived…yet you have only begun. You can now begin to develop the deeper understanding of the art that comes with advanced rank and increased experience. There are two distinct Black Belt modes: