Jon Paul Roberts TaeKwonDo is a licensed Martial Arts School focusing on building the talent and skills of our students. We provide formal evening classes, an after school program, summer camp, and an intense three day training camp every summer.

Evening Classes

Our evening classes are designed to push students to build skills and advance ranking in a formal, comfortable atmosphere.

After-School Program

Students develop skills that help them focus during learning times and has been proven to help with academic achievement. The after school program provides students with two TaeKwonDo classes each week and many fun activities to keep their minds working.

Summer Camp Program

Our Summer Camp Program allows a kid be a kid and, in most cases, allows them to advance belt rank by the end of the summer! Another great part about our program is you only pay for the weeks you attend.

Summer Training Camp

Our Summer Training Camp allows our students to become more independent and develop more confidence in three short days! Student eat, drink and sleep training and leave with an experience they will never forget. Reserve your spot early!